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Trade Forward South Africa supports the SACU+M business community to grow regional and international export trade. Use the TFSA Trade and Information Hub to start or boost your exports. Connect to the latest information and support. Follow the steps below.
We need to gain a better understanding on the regulatory side in the green technology and renewables sector. It is critically important that we clarify the local regulatory framework and give investors the confidence and incentive to enter the South African market. The impact of us understanding that marketplace and the competencies of South African businesses means that we can increase our exports significantly.
Chiboni Evans, CEO South African Electronical Export Council (SAEEC)
The fact that TFSA is very cognisant of gender is really a hugely exciting part of the programme. There is the prospect of real benefits to women in trade, including rural women. If this programme has an impact on alleviating poverty by bringing more women into the value chains, offering them a better lifestyle, then that is a massive positive effect
Duncan Bonnet, Director Market Access and Research, Africa House
This process we undertook with TFSA of looking at what is needed to enter the European market has been a real eye opener for us, it really helped us highlight where our gaps are in terms of compliance with regulations and standards. Now we have something constructive to work towards. Sally Paulet, Production Manager, HIK Abalone Farm, South Africa
Sally Paulet, Production Manager, HIK Abalone Farm, South Africa
The aquaculture sector in Mozambique is very small and under-developed. TFSA is working with AMAQUA and other associations and organisations to put in some foundational blocks and build the value chain from there none of this really exists, we pretty much have to build it all from scratch.
Zerene Haddad, Social Impact Coordinator, Chicoa Fish Farm