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Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables

TFSA supports regional producers to increase export of dried foods products in high global demand

Fruits, nuts and vegetables is a priority sector in Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique and South Africa. All four countries have a significant presence of large commercial and export focused companies that operate alongside small-scale producers that primarily supply domestic markets, and efforts by governments and donors are already in place to develop smaller and new growers into export markets. There is also the opportunity for smaller producers to consolidate production to meet the larger volumes generally required in export markets. In general, a number of export-ready companies require increased understanding of how to best identify export markets and meeting regulatory and quality requirements of regional and global markets. At a broader agri-industrial level there is a need for support in the over-arching trade environment with issues such as customs and logistics which can impede trade, specifically as regional suppliers into the much larger South African market.

TFSA works through relevant business support organisations to equip producers with guidelines and access to information to better meet requirements crucial for export into international markets, such as the Global Good Agricultural Practices and HACCP and BRC requirements.

BSO partners in the Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables sector

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