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TFSA works with producers in Botswana to improve compliance and linkage to new markets

Botswana’s economic profile:

Botswana is a landlocked country with significant mineral (diamond) wealth, good governance and prudent economic management. The country has enjoyed strong and stable growth since independence. However, the limitations of Botswana’s diamond-led development model have become more apparent. The slower growth, persistent inequality and stubborn unemployment rates, coupled with increased diamond market volatility, reduced Southern African Customs Union (SACU) transfers and fiscal expansion have resulted in eroded fiscal buffers.

TFSA sector work in Botswana:

The main sectors in which TFSA work in Botswana are condiments and high value specialty foods, and cosmetics and natural ingredients. Both sectors are either actively exporting or export ready, and will benefit from trade promotion interventions, technical support with Non-Tarriff Barriers compliance, and market linkage with South African buyers, in particular, as well as international markets of interest. They have a high participation of women in the workforce, with several large women-owned businesses, and export growth will as such have a great, positive impact on women – not least in rural communities where a lot of producers are based.

TFSA works closely with sector organisations Business Botswana and Natural Products Association of Botswana (NPAB) to provide producers with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow their export trade. To meet the capacity-building needs of women operating outside of the selected priority sectors; NPAB, Business Botswana and AWEP were the delivery partners who supported 124 women-owned businesses complete the Export Trade Training programme. To learn more about the outcomes of our partnerships with these business organisations download the Botswana country report below.

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Country Representative

Diana Phillimon

Diana Phillimon is an economist with a wealth of experience in international trade policy, economic policy management, regional integration, private sector development and multi-stakeholder dialogue. She currently serves as a Researcher in economic development issues at Botswana’s National Strategy Office (NSO) –under the Office of the President, influencing the development and implementation of short-term, medium-term and long-term national development plans through research. Previously, Diana consulted for the Commonwealth reviewing Botswana’s National Export Strategy at the Ministry of Investment Trade and Industry and contributed to the development of the African Growth and Opportunity Act Response Strategy for Botswana.