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TFSA export trade webinars series

Since its inception, TFSA has hosted three webinar series aimed at SACU+M businesses wanting to increase their export knowledge, venture into new markets (such as

Pioneering Mozambican Women in Trade

TFSA firmly believes in the investment of women-led export businesses in SACU and Mozambique for the simple reason that investing in women will lead to

Mozambique, a place of abundance

In June 2022, the TFSA team travelled to Mozambique with our funder, the UK Government. This much anticipated visit served to develop, maintain and solidify

The future is green

On 19-20 July, TFSA, in conjunction with our consortium partner Africa House, hosted the Renewable Energy Products and Expertise Showcase: South Africa conference. In the

Building back stronger

On 14 July, TFSA and Wesgro co-hosted an export trade business networking event. The event was attended by high-level officials, including:  British High Commissioner to

Into the blue

Aquaculture market readiness, and understanding and complying to EU market requirements is what brought the TFSA team to the 14th Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa (AASA) annual

TFSA’s rapidly growing footprint in Namibia 

The four workshops focused on e-commerce opportunities and key elements such as product branding, pricing, packaging and digital marketing, and featured entrepreneurs who shared their

Women in trade

Last month, 116 women entrepreneurs graduated the 8-week Export Trade Training Programme. TFSA Zoom’ed in to celebrate with their fantastic mentors and the partners behind

Zoom into the Kingdom of Eswatini

Africa holds 60 per cent of arable land (McKinsey &Company) and could be a dominating source for consumable and non-consumable products. However, the utilisation of