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Boosting regional and international export for Namibia’s rural producers

Namibia’s economic profile

Namibia borders South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Angola. Namibia is rich in mineral resources, including diamonds and uranium, has close economic linkages to South Africa and is a member of the Common Monetary Area (CMA) with Lesotho, Eswatini and South Africa.

Namibia is largely enjoying political stability and sound economic management. However, socio-economic inequalities inherited from the past apartheid system remain extremely high and structural constraints continue to limit employment creation. (Source: The World Bank)

TFSA sector work in Namibia

TFSA’s main focus in Namibia is on the aquaculture, and cosmetics and natural ingredients sectors. Production in both sectors is largely in rural areas and already has significant exports, though the high-end seafood sub-sector has suffered a significant setback as a result of COVID-related lockdowns in the region. Cosmetics and natural ingredients enjoy a high participation of women across the value chain, and both sectors have a high potential for unlocking further export opportunities through trade promotion, linkage to international buyers and assistance to improve compliance.

TFSA worked closely with the Namibia Network of Cosmetics Industry (NANCI) and the Namibian Standards Institute to reach producers in the cosmetic and natural ingredients sector. To meet the capacity-building needs of women operating outside of the priority two sectors, Akhoma Trading and Minori Skinfeilds were the delivery partners who supported 94 women-owned businesses complete the Export Trade Training programme.

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Country Representative

Rolf-Joachim Otto

Rolf-Joachim Otto is a Namibian citizen living on a farm close to a village called Maltahöhe in the South of the country, where he runs a vegetable production, distribution and wholesale company. He also consultants, he has over 32 years of professional experience specializing in economic policy analysis & formulation, industrial development & policy, trade negotiations, regional integration, trade & investment promotion, as well as capacity building & training on economic and trade-related issues. He looks forward to work with TFSA and its stakeholders in Namibia.