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Cosmetics and Natural Ingredients

TFSA helps build capacity of laboratories to meet testing requirements in international markets

TFSA works in the cosmetics and natural ingredients sector in four of the six SACU+M countries – Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. Producers of natural ingredients across these countries face very similar challenges in accessing global markets, mainly related to registration of products and complying with complex regulations and industry standards. The sector is generally seen as having a huge potential for poverty reduction and positively impacting women, as the majority of producers are based in poorer, rural areas and have a high participation of women up and down the value chain.

TFSA works through relevant business support organisations to strengthen producer’s ability to meet requirements crucial for exporting of natural ingredients products, such as Good Manufacturing Practices certification and HS classification. Misclassification creates costly bottlenecks, and even impoundments, at the borders, often due to misunderstandings of classification requirements by producers and customs officials alike. TFSA produces a number of guidelines and checklists to improve testing capacity of locally based laboratories, which will drastically reduce costs for many producers who currently have to send their products abroad for testing.

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