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Terms of Reference for a Knowledge and Opportunity Centre (KOC) Relationship Coordinator

This Terms of Reference (TOR) details the duties and responsibilities of the Knowledge and Opportunity Center Relationship Coordinator for the Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) Programme.

Period of Performance: 01 August 2021 – 30 September 2022

Level of Effort: 40 days (Mid-level)

Supervision: Report to Access to Information and Trade Promotion Lead

Location: Southern African Customs Union Region (Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa)and Mozambique

  1. Background and objective of the TFSA programme

DAI provides management and technical support services to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) to support the TFSA programme. This programme will give both capacity building and technical assistance to help grow trade and find targeted solutions to improve gender equality in trade to alleviate poverty across the SACU+M region (Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa).

The main activities included in the programme are:

  1. Increased access to information and trade promotion;
  2. Support in compliance with market standards and integration in supply chain/value chains;
  3. Trade and customs training and improving access; and

Equality for women in trade.

This programme expects to: increase opportunities to trade; overcome non-technical barriers (NTBs) to trade in goods; improve export performance, and in doing so achieve a poverty reduction and have a gender positive impact on trade in SACU+M, as well as to help facilitate trade continuity between SACU+M countries and the UK post-EU exit. This specific assignment focuses on establishing TFSA Knowledge and Opportunity Centres (KOCs) as crucial programme stakeholders.

  1. Scope of work

This TOR intends to meet the deliverables associated with TFSA Milestone 2.6 Knowledge and Opportunity Centres as defined in the following acceptance criteria:

“Milestone 2.6 Acceptance Criteria: Training delivered on Information Hub resources and learning platform to at least two agencies, chambers or associations per SACU+M country as per agreed acceptance criteria for the Information Hub”.

TFSA led Outreach to Business Services Organisations (BSOs) involved in export trade such as export trade promotion agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and sector associations, has been ongoing. The outreach has resulted in some Business Services Organisations consenting to the Knowledge and Opportunities Centre (KOC) designation. In contrast, some Business Services Organisations have yet to make a formal commitment. The Consultant’s task is to firm up these relationships and solidify channels of communication with each KOC.

The Consultant will undertake the following activities:

  • Engage with the leadership of Business Support Organisations that TFSA has designated as Knowledge and Opportunity Centres (KOCs) for the followings purposes:
  • Establish active lines of communications between KOC leadership and TFSA technical
  • Identify areas of opportunity for collaboration, including but not limited to access to TFSA Trade and Information Hub tools, knowledge resources, and learning
  • Coordinate outreach to the KOCs with the TFSA Country Leads and the FCDO Country
  • In coordination with KOC’s, identify areas of opportunity for TFSA Short Term Technical Cooperation (STTC), learning and capacity building that can address identified capacity
  • Develop calls for proposal for TFSA to provide STTC, direct assistance that can build capacity and lead to the KOC improved delivery of export trade-related services to its members and target beneficiaries.
  • Provide oversight and technical input of the delivery of interventions to each KOC as appropriate and ensure timely delivery of activities according to the intervention schedule and work plan,
  • Support TFSA in the Development of Calls for Proposal to identify technical specialist consultants to deliver targeted STTC and capacity-building assistance.
  • Provide technical oversight in the engagement of technical specialists and other specialised technical experts in the delivery of support to the identified KOCs to implement interventions,
  • Coordinate with other TFSA component leads and support reporting as per agreed upon schedule and requirements for the programme,
  • Provide periodic reporting updates (Quarterly) of workplan implementation progress to the TFSA Value Chain Adviser and Team Lead,
  • Ensure that all interventions encompass equitable benefit to women involved in export trade following TFSA mandated guidelines,
  • Prepare and submit reports according to the TFSA Milestone deliverable 2.6 Knowledge and Opportunity Centresby 1 September 2022 and remain willing to present findings to TFSA Senior Management Team and FCDO upon request.


  • Inception report with work plans and Gantt charts covering engagement with at least 20 KOCs (no less than 2 per country) and at least 2 designated Knowledge and Learning Champions from each KOC outlining intended approach and GANNT chart indicating progression of delivery. Week 1
  • Evidence of Engagement with all KOCs to establish dialogue on delivery of TFSA assistance and support through the DDF process. Week 2
  • In coordination with the Access to Information and Trade Promotion, design and deliver TFSA orientation and training for the KOC designated champions and KOC members. Week 4
  • Report indicating All KOCs are fully engaged in a process of internal review and identification of areas of need for TFSA STTC and capacity building, report to include areas of possible intervention and support provided through the DDF. Week 4
  • Evidence that KOCs participating in each of the bi-monthly TFSA Webinar Series which includes recruitment of participants and outreach to other stakeholders interested in accessing TFSA Export Trade Services. By August Webinar
  • Quarterly progress reports, summarising the status of activity implementation and impact measured against the agreed work plan with accompanying PowerPoint presentations of the report.
  • A final report at the end of the assignment, documenting the achievements (outputs and outcomes) and the lessons, learnt from the implementation of the activities.
  1. Requirements
  • Relevant experience of the SACU+M region engaging with and providing capacity building support to Business Service Delivery Organisations involved in advancing export trade
  • Deep understanding of export trade from the perspective of the private sector, including the intended role of BSO to deliver services to members and stakeholders in terms of what support services private sector firms require to successfully export.
  • An ability to speak the language of business to assist TFSA in understanding gaps in institutional capacity and to be able to recommend areas where STTC and TFSA support can be applied.
  • Experience in facilitating bi-lateral dialogue and relationship building with BSOs for the purpose of supporting institutional capacity building.
  • Previous experience collaborating with donor projects that support BSO capacity building, knowledge transfer, and learning
  • Decision-making ability and judgment based on significant technical and management experience
  • Experience in writing reports for corporations, donor agencies, and other audiences
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills and results-oriented delivery on similar assignments
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills and professional integrity

Please note that all profiles are indicative only and therefore subject to change. Interested candidates, please submit applications Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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