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Terms of Reference for the Provision of Short Term Technical Assistance for Development of a Guide and Action Plan for Export Trade Training for Women in SACU+M

The Terms of Reference (TOR) detail the obligations and responsibilities to develop a training scale guide and action plan for Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) Programme Women in Trade Initiative.

Period of Performance: 11 September 2021 to 30 November 2021

Supervision: Lead Gender and Inclusion – TFSA

Location: Homebased and online support for Southern African Region (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Namibia)

The Objective of the Programme

DAI provides management and technical support services to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to support the TFSA programme. This programme offers capacity building and technical assistance to help grow trade and find targeted solutions to improve gender equality in trade to alleviate poverty across the SACU+M region (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia).

The main activities included in the programme are:

  1. Increased access to information and trade promotion;
  2. Support in compliance with market standards and integration in supply chain/value chains;
  3. Trade and customs training and improving access; and
  4. Equality for women in trade.

This programme expects to: increase opportunities to trade; overcome non-tariff barriers (NTBs) to trade in goods; improve export performance, and in doing so achieve a reduction in poverty and have a gender positive impact on trade in SACU+M, as well as to help facilitate trade continuity between SACU+M countries and the UK post-EU exit.

Scope of Work

TFSA is seeking a mid-level knowledge and learning consultant to document an export trade training process for women business owners participating in an export trade training cohort planned for delivery between September and December 2021 in South Africa. In addition, the consultant will generate a guide from the lessons learned and knowledge gained to serve as a how-to manual and action plan for delivery of the same training across all other SACU+M.

The Guide is intended for use by trade promotion agencies and organisations to advance relevant training support to women, using an improved model of the pilot currently underway.

It must contain the following information on the process:

  • Background to the Guide
  • Checklist for intended users
    1. Minimum requirements for users
  • Definition of terms
  • A step by step process for selection of learners and training delivery
  • Monitoring framework
  • Lessons and insights from pilot participants as messaging to fellow women

This partnership will collaborate to develop and manage the platform incorporating embedded training programmes and knowledge, learning and export process material to meet TFSA’s Monitoring, Research Evaluation and Learning (MREL) objectives.

Deliverables, Deadlines and Activities




Approved Learner Persona Development Guide

30 September 2021

  • Facilitate a working session to generate a learner personal development guide with selected members from the women’s export training working group

  • Draft and follow upon approval of the Persona Development Guide

  •  Finalise and submit the completed persona development guide

Approved Selection Process Guide

30 September 2021

  • Transform the existing selection criteria guide to integrate user experience into the selection process

  • Work with a select number of women learners to understand how this process might have been made more user friendly and use that information to improve the selection Guide

  • Submit and follow up approval of the Guide

Approved Learner onboarding guide

31 October 2021

  • Work with a select number of Working group members to develop a learner onboarding guide

  • Have a session with select learners to understand their experiences on learner onboarding and if there may be areas for improvement

  • Integrate feedback of the learners into the onboarding guide, addressing their concerns in the draft

  •  Submit and follow up for approval

Approved Training process


31 October 2021

  • Develop a step by step Guide for trainers to use in training delivery

  • Validate process with learners, trainers and coaches

  • Submit for approval

Approved TFSA

WIT training

Scale Plan Guide

20 November 2021

  •  Draft the scale plan and guide to include the following main sections
    o   Background to the Guide
    §  Checklist for intended users
    o   Minimum requirements for users
    o   Definition of terms
    o   Step by step process for selection of learners and training delivery
    o   Monitoring framework
    o   Lessons and insights from pilot participants as messaging to fellow women
    o   Scale plan with timelines and expected results

  • Facilitate a session with key stakeholders to validate and refine the draft.

  • Submit for approval


  • Knowledge management and gender professional with over five years experience in documenting and packaging knowledge for scale use
  • Ability to facilitate a diverse team of women and stakeholders in generating knowledge solutions that are responsive to women’s needs
  • Proven ability to turn knowledge into scalable activities
  • Ability to be flexible and work on demand if planned activities or focus change.
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