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Terms of Reference for Privision of Short Term Technical Asisstant

for Documenting and Developing a Report on Gender Intergration Across TFSA Work Streams.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) detail the obligations and responsibilities to document and generate a report for Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) gender intergbartion across all its workstreams. It provides objectives and outlines expected deliverables for this assignment.

Period of Performance: 13 September 2021 to 15th December 2021

Level of Effort: 20 days

Supervision: Lead Gender and Inclusion – TFSA

Location: Homebased and online support for Southern African Region ( South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini,Lesotho, Mozambique, and Namibia)

1.1 The objective of the programme

DAI provides management and technical support services to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to support the TFSA programme. This programme provides both capacity building and technical assistance to help grow trade and find targeted solutions aimed to improve gender equality in trade to alleviate poverty across the SACU+M region (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia).

The main activities included in the programme are:

  1. Increased access to information and trade promotion;
  2. Support in compliance with market standards and integration in supply chain/value chains;
  3. Trade and customs training and improving access; and
  4. Equality for women in trade.

This programme expects to: increase opportunities to trade; overcome non-technical barriers (NTBs) to trade ingoods; improve export performance, and in doing so contribute to poverty reduction and have a gender positiveimpact on trade in SACU+M, as well as to help facilitate trade continuity between SACU+M countries and the UK post-EU exit.

1.2 Scope of work

TFSA is seeking a mid level knowledge and learning consultant to document and develop a report on integration of gender across its work streams. The consultant will document all steps and actions that have been initiated into integration, and where possible show potential impact or short term results.

The report will showcase TFSA’s gender integration efforts and elaborate on some of the lessons and experiences. It is also expected that insights and feedback from paryners will be gathered to validate actions.

The report contain the following information:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction and background to the Report
  3. Description of different TFSA workstreams
  4. Gender Integration Activities in Workstreams
  5. Expected outcomes and short term results
  6. Insights from partners
  7. 2 Case studies

This partnership will collaborate to develop and manage the platform incorporating embedded training programmes and knowledge, learning and export process material to ensure that it meets TFSA’s Monitoring, Research Evaluation and Learning (MREL) objectives.





Detailed Brief on all TFSA work streams  and their collaborators

15th October 2021

  • Work with TFSA gender Lead to design an information collection tool.

  • Facilitate discussions with all technical leads to understand their work streams and projects.

  • Engage collaborating organisations to develop an understanding of their involvement with TFSA.

Detailed Report on Gender Integration within TFSA workstreams with an annex of collaborators’ contacts and action plans.

10th November 2021

  •  Draft a Gender Integration Report

  • Submit for review by Gender Lead

Powerpoint Presentation

15th November 2021

Develop and
present a powerpoint deck with the report details to FCDO and other key stakeholders for validation

Approved Gender Integration Report

30th November 2021

  • Revise the draft report to incorporate validation feedback

  •  Submit revised report for approval

  • Submit final approved version

1.3 Requirements

  • Knowledge management and gender professional with over 5 years experience in report writing for donor requirements.
  • Ability to collect relevant information form technical team ambers and stakeholders for report development purposes.
  • Proven ability to write project performance reports,
  • Ability to be flexible and work on demand, should planned activities focus change.
  • Ability to facilitate virtual work sessions between teams across different countries and times zones.

Interested candidates, please submit your applications to Applications close on Friday, 10Septemebr 2021. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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