Terms of Reference for Knowledge and Learning Adviser

The Terms of Reference (TOR) detail the obligations and responsibilities to aggregate relevant existing export training materials and organise that into relevant topics for the Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) Programme Training and Customs Initiative. It details the deliverables for this discrete assignment.

Period of Performance: May to July 2021

Level of Effort: 60 days

Level of Expertise: Mid-Level

Supervision: Report to Programme Adviser and Access to Information & Trade Promotion Lead

Location: Southern African Region (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Namibia)

1.1 Background

The Trade Forward Southern Africa Programme (TFSA) is part of the UK government Global Trade Programme (GTP), which aims to provide technical assistance and support to facilitate free trade and open markets by helping exporters to identify and overcome Barriers to Trade, including Standards, Regulations, Customs and Trade Facilitation. The GTP’s primary objective is poverty reduction, promotion of gender equality and inclusive growth.

1.2 The objective of the programme

DAI provides management and technical support services to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to support the TFSA programme. This programme will give both capacity building and technical assistance to help growth in trade and find targeted solutions that will improve gender equality in trade to alleviate poverty across the countries within SACU+M (South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia).

The main activities included in the programme are:

  1. Increased access to information and trade promotion
  2. Support in compliance with market standards and integration in supply chain/value chains
  3. Trade and customs training and improving access; and
  4. Equality for women in trade.

This programme expects to: increase opportunities to trade; overcome NTBs to trade in goods; improve export performance, and in doing so achieve a reduction in poverty and have a gender positive impact on trade in SACU+M, as well as to help facilitate trade continuity between SACU+M and the UK post EU-exit.

1.3 Scope of work

The TFSA Knowledge and Learning Consultant will support, facilitate and provide leadership in and facilitate the development of an online learning library for TFSA and 6 TFSA Export Training Modules. This will entail identifying, compiling, and validating with relevant stakeholders both a collection of Export Trade and Customs learning materials currently available in the market (globally, regionally and locally in SACU+M) with relevant stakeholders and coordinating with the TFSA technical experts to develop and modify existing material as needed. Learning material will cover Export Trade and Customs concepts that can be readily converted into both short (2-5 minute) as well as longer (6-12 minute) multi-media clips according to need determined by complexity of subject matter and available material as well as 6 longer version training modules. The consultant will catalogue training manuals and existing training modules, and other similar training resources related to the subject matter listed below.

TFSA is outsourcing the development of content for 6 training modules and is looking to modify the language to be better suited for a business and exporters audience, which will be done by another external consultant. The Knowledge and Learning Consultant Adviser will coordinate with that person to ensure modules meet the learning requirements.

TFSA will work with a Communications Production Company to produce training modules for both facilitated and online delivery. The Knowledge and Learning Adviser will coordinate with the other technical experts and the production company to ensure that this material is easily accessible by the intended target audience.


Technical area

Trade Related Commercial Law

International Contracts: Basic principles of international contracts, including an overview of risk and risk allocation, choice of law, terms and conditions, and basic dispute resolution.

INCOTERMS: The basics of Price-Delivery Terms such as Free on Board (FOB) and Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) and their impact on risk in international sales.

International Dispute Resolution: Litigation, arbitration and mediation across borders. What to do when your contract is in trouble.

Trade Facilitation / Customs

Understanding of the UK Tariff Schedule

Introduction to Export Procedures and Documentation

Registering as an Exporter

Export and Exchange Controls

Preferential Trade and Proof of Origin

Valuation and time of exports

Commercial Terms you need to know

Container and Freight loads

Access to Information & Trade Promotion

Regional Transport issues checklist

Costing for export

Pricing for export

Price negotiation space

Tips: Appointing distributors

Elevator pitch outline

Tips: tips for effective selling


  • Inception report that clearly lays out how the consultant will deliver on this project.
  • Validated and Approved relevant Export Trade content – generated from both external market sources and internally produced by TFSA Technical Leads, according to the approved catalogue under the identified subject categories.
  • Refined user-friendly set of export trade content developed from the validated content (For the hub and for delivery through Future Females Business School).
  • Validated and Approved multimedia content for the Information Hub.
  • Validated and Approved Training Module Content for the first 3 modules ready to be turned over to the Media Production Company.
  • Development plan for the creation of content material for final 3 training modules completed.

1.4 Requirements

  • At least five years of professional experience in training and knowledge management roles on donor-funded development programmes
  • Relevant experience of the SACU+M region supporting Customs and Trade Training capacity
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Knowledge Management Business Administration, Trade and Customs Management, International Export Development and Promotion, or another relevant field
  • Previous experience collaborating with donor projects that support Knowledge management and trade training, knowledge transfer, and learning
  • Decision-making ability and judgment based on significant technical and management experience
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communications skills and experience targeting private sector audiences.
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills and results-oriented delivery on similar assignments
  • Effective interpersonal communications and professional integrity

Please note that all profiles are indicative only and therefore subject to change.

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